Singing the praises of Akaal Purakh is an important purpose of Sikh practise. All students are encouraged to grasp the basics of Gurbani Kirtan so that they can either lead or partake in Kirtan performance. Progress in Gurbani Kirtan will be assessed through the students grasp of Sargam, Raags, Gurbani Shabads and Alaaps as well as Gurbani Kirtan performance and Gurbani pronunciation (reinforced through Santhya). Gobind Sarvar has developed an in-house Gurbani Kirtan Curriculum and learning resources. Gurbani kirtan pothis will provide students with the opportunity to practised what they are taught in class, at home. Harmoniums are available for purchase from Gobind Sarvar at a discounted rate to assist with learning and practice at home.